Wednesday, 31 October 2012

AVRs on the lighting desk

I've been looking at Amtel's AVR microprocessor chips and they look like the next step for my search for a simple cheap lighting desk...

According to this wikipedia page the smallest amount of RAM that an ATtiny has is 32 bytes... now I have 15 8bit fader channels and 12 boolean channels... by my maths that makes 132 Bits... According to the Wikipedia entry on bytes it says that 1 byte ~ 8 bits on most systems... using that conversion I need 16.5 bytes of RAM for my variables, having about half of the RAM in the system means I don't have to worry too much about having to make my code too compact even on the smallest of microcontrollers... I hope...

As to the problem of needing more ADC channels then are provided I can use the I2C bus or 2 wire bus to attach extra ADC chips to the AVR.

That's all for now... exams are almost over and I have a job coming up shortly that should give me some money to spend on this stuff so I can finally get this desk working properly...


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