Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Progress on the CNC's

Today I finally bit the bullet and ordered 2 Beaglebone Blacks and 2 BeBoPr capes so I can do some more work on the refit of my CNC Lathe and Mill. The BeBoPr Capes are not avaliable until the 15th of august however so I won't be able to do anything with those for a while.

Stay tuned for some initial insights when I get the Beaglebones.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New Toy

This arrived while I was at work today.
However to be able to use it I needed to do some cleaning up...
I can't see much room for any test equipment in there can you?
This might be a little better:
Now I can get some real work done with my op amps...


Friday, 19 July 2013

New Gear

I have just ordered a new lab power supply from ebay. It should be arriving between next tuesday and the tuesday after. So Look forward to some work with op-amps after that.


Monday, 15 July 2013

Oil Burner Atomiser

Due to some offcuts of 12mm square bar from the frames of our Heisler loco becoming avaliable I'm going to make some small test runs of making some atomizers for it.

I can't find any open source CAM software for outputting to a lathe so I'm going to be writing the G-Code by hand in gedit. I'm getting the design from here which I've found to be a very good resource for info in the shay and heisler locomotives. I am making some changes to simplify construction with the avaliable tools (rounding to the nearest metric drill size).

I can post up some CAD files of the proposed design and the G-Code if anyone is interested.