Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Boat work - Centerboard

So on Sunday I got a chance to do some work on our little Vagabond. The other weekend we pulled it off the trailer and pulled the centerboard out so we could put anew rope on it and thin it down so it doesn't jam in the casing as much. This is what it looked like after about half an hour of hand sanding with 80 grit paper:
I don't have the patience to take all the paint off by hand so I got the electric sander out. This is what it looked like after half an hour of sanding with the orbital sander:
After that I took a break and helped my brother make a prototype pipe organ pipe out of scrap MDF we had lying around. If you want some more info on that let me know and I'll take some photos and do a writeup of that.

Once we got the pipe finished and working I went back to sanding and I got another 15 minutes into it so the centerboard looked like this:
That was all good. What wasn't so good was that the sander looked like this:

For reference it's supposed to look like this:
So it looks like I owe Dad a new orbital sander...

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