Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Snow is cold

So with the recent cold weather it has been snowing at my mate's place up the highway a little. So seeing as snow is a bit of a novelty for us we decided to the the jeep for a drive and play around in it a little. Here are some photos from that:

Lets see what I can stay on while being towed. It's a shame we didn't get a picture of me on the snowboard. That actually slid.

It was a little chilly, probably should have put on another jumper.

Now the jeep has a hood ornament. They actually nearly lasted the whole way home.

There's a lot of heat coming up from that bonnet. I might see if I can put some vents in to help it keep cool.

Nice and warm at home before we left. Sort of.

Cold and wet, not much fun.

Cold and snowy, more fun than cold and wet.

Not many people were overtaking on the highway.

We had a good afternoon and proved that the Jeep can handle a little snow at least. If it stays this cold there may be some pictures coming up of it in muddy snow.


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