Monday, 15 February 2016

Time to go sailing. Soon

I know, I know, I have enough things happening already.
But this is really a continuation of an older project. Some of you may remember me going for a crazy long road trip to Queensland to pick up this sailing dinghy.
Well I haven't actually been able to use it. The trailer I used for that trip was borrowed and the boat that lives on it had to go back on. This meant that the fireball has been stuck on it's beach dolly which probably wouldn't do very well on the road. To solve this issue I have bought a trailer that should be plenty suitable.

Well it will be. The main thing it needs is a quick(ish) clean a coat of paint, and a couple of bolts that aren't the right size and as such need replacing.

Also there is this. It's not very obvious but this is probably the biggest problem with it. The spring holder plate has a slight bend to it because the U-Bolts haven't been installed vertically. One option to stop this happening again would be to run a little bead with the welder on the axle which would give me locating marks on where to put the U-Bolts. Alternatively I can just be careful when re-installing them after flattening the plate.

As you can see from that close up the trailer is a bit grotty, but it's all surface rust and won't cause any structural problems.

Stay tuned for more updates on this and other projects.


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