Monday, 28 March 2016

Getting closer

So I finally have a space inside for me to work on the CNCs. This is a drastic improvement over where they were. outside. Where I would freeze in winter, cook in summer and be attached by mozzies at any time of the year.

I had planned to build a set of bespoke shelves that would allow me to put the servers above the machines rather than below them as you see here. However that didn't quite work out so in order to be able to actually get these inside before it gets cold I got a pair of shelves from Super Cheap Auto in town
I have not complaints about these shelves. They are fairly solid; and while I needed to give them a few taps with the hammer to get them to clip together fully that does mean that they won't be falling apart any time soon.
Each of the pieces are fairly flimsy, but once everything is together it becomes fairly rigid and I have no problems putting as much as will fit onto these shelves as inevitably will happen.

The next thing I am looking for is an old monitor that I can connect to the computer for the Lathe so I can control it and ideally a rack mount cabinet that I can fit both of the servers in along with the switch so that the cables are a bit neater and I can put them away from any possible shavings that might be leaking out of the machines.

I have a few things coming up. We got some good photos at the Lakemac Heritage festival so I will be sharing those. These CNCs will be running again very soon and I have a few things I would like to make with them that might actually happen now. And I have a Hard drive that I have been asked to destroy for data security so I will go through the details of construction with that.


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