Thursday, 8 January 2015

Stumps, twice over

So I've been trying to improve the look and feel of the house recently. Over the last few days this has meant removing a bush and a tree stump. The stump was in the way of some new garden edging I will be putting in and the bush was in the way of one of the 2 on street parks we have.

Here is where the bush was, it may be hard to tell but you couldn't get into that car without fighting through a large spiky bush. Now we just need to fix the car or move it so that we have 2 useable on street parks.

Here you can see where I was at today at lunch, the stump is out after much cursing and gnashing of teeth. As you can see from the size of the hole the roots were not insubstantial. Just need to fill it back in now.

And here it is all nice and filled in, not very neat yet, but once I finish putting the garden edging I'll make it a bit neater.

I'm sure most of this isn't very exciting but it's better than work.

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