Friday, 3 June 2016


So today at work I came across a really cool feature in Microsoft Excel 2013. Enter the Sparkline.

Probably more of a gimmick but they look cool. They are a little chart that is just inside a cell. It can be a line,column or win/loss. They are easy to create and could be used if you don't the all of the features and hassle of a full chart.

Here's how to create a sparkline in excel:
Start by putting you data into one column. There aren't any labels so they don't really matter for this.
Then in the Insert tab on the ribbon find the Sparkline section and choose the style you want. This time we will create a win/loss style.
This will open the Sparkline dialog.
Select the data range. Make sure you don't select any labels as this will give an error.
When the Sparkline is created it will be small, the size of your cell so you will probably want to make the cell bigger.
And there you have it.

Probably just a gimmick but might be useful eventually.


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