Monday, 22 June 2015

Easy Car Repairs

So I have recently done what is probably the easiest repair/modification to any car I have ever done. My 2006 Holden Rodeo had a cracked door mirror that wasn't going to pass rego so I needed to replace it. I was a bit worried about how hard it was going to be because although I could find the parts, I couldn't find any instructions on how to do it. I needn't have worried. After the break is how I did it. Hopefully it will inspire some confidence.

The problem mirror.

Here is the sum total of the tools I used:

I know cars need a lot of tools right?

  1. Remove this little bit of trim from inside the car. This will allow access to the back face of the mirror mount. The way I did it was by sliding it upwards and bending it a little over the leading edge of the door frame. It took a little force but not enough that it felt like it was going to break.
  2. This will give access to the 3 screws that hold on the mirror. As well as the cable that controls the tilt motors.
  3. Now you just need to unplug the cable, remove the screws and the old mirror will practically fall off. From here you just need to offer up the new mirror from the outside and put in the screws. Once the mirror is secured solidly the cable can be plugged back in. With the cable in and the tilts tested just put the black plastic cover back on. When you do this make sure you get the white plug to slid into it's slot in the back of the plastic. If you don't get that in the cover will flop around and not sit properly.
That's all it took. Less than 1/2 an hour and the ute is ready for it's inspection.

Rex O'Regan

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