Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Nearly time to start Milling

So one of the other projects I did some work on over the weekend was the Mill. I now can move all 3 axes and using the mkwrapper tool I can control it from my tablet, laptop or phone without having to put a screen onto the Beaglebone that is running the mill. Something I think I will have to add though is a button as part of the GUI that allows the Beaglebone to shut down cleanly without having to ssh into it. That shouldn't be too hard and will probably be one of the things I will work on along with the rest of the GUI now that it will move.

Below are some pictures of what I did. Not very exciting though mostly just soldering and tracing wires. I even managed to get 2 out of 3 motors spinning in the right direction.

 This is with the Z Axis and the X Axis wired up, Z on the right, X on the Left.

Now all 3 have been done. The 3 unconnected wires will be used for e-stop and some limit switches
I think, possibly for spindle speed manual override. I have another Cable that I will use for the other needed signals.

In the back right you can see the connections I have made so far. I will put a proper enclosure
over the connection before I call this project finished.

This is a closeup of the final connection. The knot is for strain relief in the main cable.
 Thinking back now even before I have finished there are some things I would do differently. If I were to start again I would probably not cheap out and use more plugs, one between each motor and an enclosure proably on the back wall, then the big grey cable would have a plug on both ends rather than being soldered to the mill at one end.

Anyway, full speed ahead and onward ho. If I get to the end and decide it isn't working then I'll change it.

I have another 1 or 2 projects that I got up to over the weekend coming up so keep a wearther eye out.


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