Friday, 29 July 2016

Waste oil burner. This time with videos.

Last weekend I fired up the oil burner again. This time I prepared a reasonable amount of fuel for pre-heating. I even tried to light it without accelerants. Unfortunately everything was wet and the kerosene was so close to hand. So I did cheat a little.
Here I am, with the pile of wood just starting things happening.
Maybe a little quick. But I didn't quite kill it.
Starting to burn down nicely.
Starting to get a bit excited with a little oil and air added.
I managed to turn the oil down too far without realizing it as the fire got a little too smokey. It was taking off but it didn't feel quite right so I fiddle with the oil and lo and behold. It starts to take off.
Lets see if I can make stuff hot with it.
A little hard to see here, but the bar certainly did get forging hot.
Lets see if we can make something a little more substantial properly hot.
The end of the camshaft needed a little support to keep it in the hottest zone.
While it probably would've looked much better at night it did get hot enough to move some metal around a little. I think the white coating is fine ash from the wood getting blown around by the blast from the burner and coating everything.
Just before I shut it down.
And here we are cooling down. When I came back an hour or 2 later there was still a fair bit of heat radiating out from the bricks. They were definately hotter than you would want to touch.

Here is a quick shot of me pre-heating the fire pit before anything got too exciting.
Here we are with the burner running and adjusting the air/oil mix a little.

I'm hoping to get some more shots of interesting stuff getting done this weekend so keep an eye out for those next week.


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